For an interior design theme that demands sophistication, a grey shade is a fine place to start. And that is exactly what we will be discussing today. Grey is one of the most elegant shade in the palette of home interior colours. It is also extremely easy to work with and blends in beautifully. This is mostly because grey exists in a wide range and with all kinds of undertones. So, today we are going to take a peek into how to incorporate the greys into your modern home interiors. In this article, we are going to cover the concept of creativity on the basis of the different rooms of a home. So, let’s get started.

Grey Aesthetics


A Minimalist Bedroom

In the case of bedrooms, it’s always to go for a muted vibe. Light shaded and airy bedrooms are more comfortable than the ones with busy interior designs. A combination of white and a warm-toned grey would be a perfect pick for a minimalist yet modern bedroom. There are a variety of ways to blend these shades into the elements of the room. You should start with white as your base canvas and then accessorize the room with grey decors. For example, you can do a grey accented bedding with complementary side table lamps. Then add on some very light-toned grey linen textured curtains. Want more of that grey? Top it off with a feature wall.

Grey Minimalist Bedroom


The Edgy Bathroom

If you love clean lines, structured and sleek bathrooms, you should consider the shade grey. Starting right from the tiles to the walls, any dark-toned cool grey will bring a stellar look to your bathroom. In contrast, you can go for white installations including bathtub, showers, mirrors, sinks and such. Try to keep your organizers and cabinets in dark shades too, as that will be easier to maintain. If you prefer a little less polish to your bathroom, you can opt for textured marbles as well. The following snap captures a modern and sleek bathroom with an extremely clean aesthetic.

Grey Modular Sleek Shower


A Very Chic Living Room

An all-grey palette doesn’t have to be all so boring. Especially, a lively place as your living room deserves more colours. And with a little balanced combination of shades, you can carve out your perfect living room space. For a more welcoming vibe, we suggest you go for the warm-toned greys as a base. Then play around with the other vibrant warm colours to bring in some fun into space. For example, you can decide on an item of grey centrepiece furniture and then layer on that with the colourful pillows or rugs. You can also go for a framed painting with complementary shades in your room. White is always a great canvas to the greys and also helps in opening up space.

Chic Living Room


The Ultimate Modular Kitchen

The best combination of shades to swear by, when it comes to kitchens are the greys, whites and blacks. Try out a modular cabinet section with mixed toned greys with a fully textured marble counter slab in the centre. Add some sleek hanging lamps around the counter tool to add some soft elegance.

Allowing grey into your kitchen space makes it easy for you to balance the overall aesthetics of the space. For example, most of the tools and gadgets installed in a kitchen come in varying shades of steel and thus will easily blend into the greys of your interior designs. The same goes for your dining area. Keep it simple with a basic grey dining table, preferably in any dark shade of grey. And then add the chairs in two shades lighter than that of the table.

Grey themed Modular Kitchen


A Laid-Back Workspace

Everyone needs their own particular corner in a home where they can get their work done without a hinge. Now you wouldn’t want that personalized study of yours to look too busy or loud; would you? Exactly. And that’s why we suggest you to use colours such as whites, greys or soft pastel shades to create your room. These colours are extremely relaxing and will do nothing to draw in particular attention.

You can also opt for the combination of woods and greys to keep a little earthy element going on. A grey two-seater sofa with a little table or an organized desk chair set or both altogether will be a great addition to your comforting crib. Try a few potted plants to bring in some freshness into space.

Grey Study Aesthetic


And that was all about the greys in interior designing. We picked a colour, in particular, to talk about, because of how easily this shade can elevate the aesthetics of a room. Nonetheless, there are always cons to the pros. One important thing to keep in mind would be the tones. We would suggest that you go through the combination of both warm and cool tones of greys before you decide on your palette. Also, too much of greys can easily make your place look dull. In that case, try balancing out with whites. The trick with the grey coloured interior designing is that you need to keep the greys a little muted than the rest of the shades. So, now that you have it all noted down, have fun designing.


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