In Indian households, spirituality plays a very crucial role. Every house has their holy deities, traditions and ways of pleasing their idols. With festivals around the corner, most of us are exploring ways and ideas to do the pooja room makeover. We understand how much a pooja room means in Indian households, so we have formulated a style guide with interior designs that have all the essentials you desire in your pooja room. You might have a specific area designated as a pooja room or might be using a corner or niche to designed as a pooja room. Keeping every requirement and need in mind here are the best tips and tricks for your pooja room interior design.

Best Tips and Ideas for Pooja Room Interior Design

Keep the Cluttering in Check

Pooja room is supposed to have a peaceful and serene environment to enable oneself to pray, meditate and calm oneself. Cluttering distracts a person and makes it difficult to focus. Some people like to have a few idols in their pooja room according to their belief. Prevent cluttering of the deities in the pooja room it will make it chaotic and messy. Having clutter of stuff makes a place to lose its finesse.

Pooja Room Interior Design

Try to have an Enclosed Pooja Room.

The most important thing to ensure is that you maintain the sanctity of the pooja room. A pooja room interior design would be incomplete without making sure that there are purity and sanctity. Have your pooja room in an enclosed space. There are a few options for the same. Glass doors are a great idea to make your pooja room more appealing. Wooden door with carvings and details will help you enhance the decor. If you are short on space, sliding doors will help you save some space.

Pooja Room Interior Design

Adequate Lighting

Any interior design loses its grace without adequate lighting. It also ensures to lighten up the mood and enhances the environment. Prefer to have a source of natural light in your pooja room to increase calmness. In case you don’t have an origin for natural light, use artificial light. A chandelier in the middle of the pooja room will make it look fabulous and lively. Have more lighting around the idol, if you are keeping it as a focal point.

Pooja Room Interior Design

Keep the Idols in Proportion with the Pooja Room

A place with decor that is out of proportion looks chaotic and strange. Our eyes see things in some symmetry or portions that are not very strange. Ensure to keep the idols in the proper extent to the pooja room. Do not choose the deities for a small space that covers most of the area and leaves no space for other decor stuff.

 Pooja Room Ideas

Match the Pooja Room with the Home Decor

Contrasting the decor scheme with pooja room is If you have a minimalist approach for your home decor, then keep your pooja room interior design minimal. Choose neutral shades and go for wooden accent than tiles or marbles and prevent any cluttering for maintaining the approach. With traditional Indian interior design include traditional elements. Go for carved out wooden doors, handcrafted carpets, bells and large brass lamps to have the authentic Indian touch in your pooja room interior design.

Matching Pooja Room Interior

Add Elegance with Wood

Wooden accent has a hint of elegance and sophistication in it than any other material lacks. It can help you make a room feel warm and comfortable. Wooden can work in so many ways in your pooja room interior design. From wooden cabinet with carvings to wooden carved outdoors, from wooden floors to wooden panelling, you can wooden accent in a variety of ways to your pooja room interior design.

Add Elegance with Wood

Try your Hands-on Tiles and Marbles

Marble can make a place look luxurious and graceful without much effort. While tiles give a place much-required texture and pattern. Try to add marble and tiles to your pooja room interior design in one way or another. Marble flooring is one way of adding it. A marble pooja room in neutral and white colour pallet will infuse grace to your pooja room in more than one way. Tiles will also play the same role and infuse gracefulness to your pooja room with a variety of colours, patterns and textures.

Marble Mandir Ideas

Wall Mounted Pooja Room to Save the Space

It is not necessary to have a full-sized pooja room for your house. We can also make use of the space that we have on our hand. Use the corners and niches to have a cabinet pooja room. A wall-mounted cabinet is the best way to utilise the space and make a beautiful and elegant pooja room. Keep in mind to mount the cabinet on a proper height and make it minimalist. Light shade wooden ply with a little bit of detailing will make your wall mounted pooja unit look alluring.

Wall Mounted Mandir design

Wooden Panelling with Lights

Another way to add a wooden accent in your pooja room interior design is infusing wooden panels with lights in the back wall. It will make the back wall a focal point and give you adequate light. You can also try this with the ceiling and go for the wooden panel as a false ceiling with lights to make it stylish.

Wood Panelling in Pooja Room


Choose Colours that are Calm and Soothing

Pooja room desires an ambience that is serene, calm and soothing. A place where you can meditate, pray and calm yourself down. To ensure an environment where you can calm and have peace to yourself choose a colour pallet that encourages tranquillity and soothe. Neutral shades and whites are soothing to eyes and also will complement your modern home decor. You can go for vibrant shades as well but ensure to pick the right colours. Don’t go too bold with dark shades like black, brown or maroon. Opt for natural tones of blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Colour Ideas for Mandir Ideas

Plants for Freshness and Liveliness

Plants are a symbol of life and what would be better than greenery to add freshness to your pooja room interior design. You can choose from faux plants, climbers, ceramic pots and brass pots to add a touch of green to your pooja room. Plants make a place fresh, airy and bright and help calm your senses. It is one element you can not afford to miss for your Interior design.

Plants in Pooja Room Ideas

Give the Traditional Touch

The pooja room interior design should include the traditional element to it. You can have jaalis placed on the back wall, intricate detailing done on the cabinets, choosing glass doors with detailing or wooden doors with carvings and detailing. Another way to add a traditional touch is by hanging bells inside the pooja room.

Traditional Pooja Room Interior Design

The significance pooja room holds in Indian households makes them a necessary part of the home decor. To ensure that your home decor and pooja room goes hand in hand the above- mentioned tricks and tips are must follow for your pooja room interior design. For an appropriate pooja room interior design, you need to ensure that you keep every element in check. If you ensure that, then your pooja room will end up perfectly well.

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