2019 was certainly an eventful year when it comes to new trends making it big within the sphere of interior designing. The year was filled with designs that wooed homeowners. Now, as we get ready to bid adieu to this year of surprises and colours, we have to get ready for what is in store for us in 2020.

As the New Year dawns upon us, it presents not only a chance for us to reflect over all our accomplishments in the previous year but also an opportunity to plan for the year coming up. You can set goals for your career, relationships, health, studies and even your home, too. While we certainly are not part of the ‘New Year, New You’ brigade, we would love to see you change the interior design of your home based on what would be trending in the year 2020. Obviously, for the inexperienced eye, it is hard to predict all that could be trending in 2020, but you don’t need to worry as we have you covered.

After a thorough analysis of current trends and user preferences, we have come up with a list of changes you can expect in interior designing trends, come 2019. Knowing these trends will not only help you gear up your home for the future but will also mean that you have a direction to follow whenever you want to renovate your home or alter the design you currently have. Of course, we won’t coerce you into following these designs meticulously, as the design in your home is about what you like living with and what effectively represents you. But, here we have the trending interior designs you can expect during 2020.

Dark, Cozy Colors

Fall and winter were all about brighter colours, with different variations. Similarly, the start of interior design in 2020 is set to be greeted with a bold entrance. Early in 2019, when colours like Millennial Pink were becoming the hottest trend, homeowners wished if they could transition back towards darker tones and still remain aligned with the current trends.

All homeowners who have had an eye for darker colours would be pleased to know that these colours are on their way back. However, there will surely be certain variations in how these colours make a return. The prediction for the upcoming year is that homeowners will enjoy the experience of a sparkling jewel tone on their walls and on their furniture. The perfect jewel tone that you can imagine for yourself is an amalgamation of emerald green and sapphire. However, ultraviolet doesn’t rank far off when it comes to perfect blends of these astounding colours. All of these tones look really exciting and we can expect them to rule when the next year dawns upon us.

Hotel Room

Curved Furniture over Reclaimed Wood

There were many trends that became really common during the year 2019, but out of all them, the trend for reclaimed wood was really hard to comprehend. Many designers couldn’t explain how trends like reclaimed wood, rustic accents and industrial furnishings were liked so much by the homeowners. Since the last couple of years, the design has been on an upward spiral towards lush and sexy features; however rustic and industrial decor is not just a step back but also really excessive and outdated. There were certain oddities seen in the past as well, but too much of one thing will never be a good idea.

Hence, we would like to bid adieu to these rustic designs as the year rolls by us. However, there is a replacement that would suffice well for reclaimed wood and industrial furnishings. Curved furniture has been threatening to explode to the scenes for a long time, but it was held back due to the obsession for reclaimed wood. With the whole idea for industrial furniture out of the window, we can expect curved furniture to make a grand entry during 2019.

The bandwagon of homeowners looking to try out furniture with saturated colours and curves is gradually increasing. The traditional rectangular sharp lines do not excite homeowners as much as they used to do back in the past, so homeowners are starting to opt for softer edges on their furniture and a punch of pigment on their walls. The perfect examples of curved furniture would be swivelling chairs, circular sofas, sloped mirrors and round cushions. Arches are also part of this trend for interior design and we might see them appear as forms of architecture soon. The look is glamorous and is really expected to take the world of design by frenzy. We have finally started accepting our curves and have incorporated them into our furniture.

Curved Furniture over Reclaimed Wood

Dark Kitchens

There has certainly been no anomaly in the design for kitchens. White to White kitchens have been the favourite for homeowners when it comes to the theme they can pick for their kitchens. Kitchens that have a white theme to them don’t look overdone and have an artistic touch of simplicity. However, the sheer fact that this design has been in for so long has prompted many designers to predict that white to white kitchens would well be replaced by dark kitchens in the near future.

The design is really about evolution, and when it comes to getting the best look for separate areas within the house, we really do need to evolve so that the texture of the design in the whole house complements each other. Similarly, the prediction that white to white kitchens will soon be off the market will give room for something more imaginative; something that we can see over a coming couple of months. Yes, just like we predicted the rise in darker tones in our designs above, people would also be tempted to try out the darker side when it comes to their kitchens. The drive towards darker kitchens took off during fall 2017 and has been noticed by many eagle-eyed designers. People are willing to try darker colours in their kitchen and are not holding themselves back from experimenting with the design for what can be called as one of the most visited areas of the home.

The dark colours would not come at the cost of wood, as experts believe that wood would still be an imperative part of every kitchen. If you look at perfect kitchen designs in magazines and websites, you would notice that the cabinets are almost always made up of freshly painted wood. Thus, there are no plans to drop wood from the package, just that darker colours would be incorporated to complement the overall drive towards implementing a darker tone in the interior design for the home.

Dark Kitchens

Brown and Beige Furniture

2018 really did see people experimenting a lot with the colours of their furniture. From trying out millennial pink to brushed brass and black finishes, all these tones left an aura of incompleteness on the furniture. So, with 2019 coming up, we can expect brown and beige furniture to make a roaring comeback.

Brown and beige had been used in furniture and design, especially for living rooms, for a long time before they were replaced by darker options. After the failure in this experiment, homeowners will eventually revert back towards brown and beige as their favoured colour for furniture. Brown and beige have been known to exude an aura of strength and calmness that can be associated with other elements present on Earth. Their earthly tone really makes them the perfect option for your home in 2020.

Living Room Couch

Personality over Trends

Although this might sound a bit ironic, since we ourselves are talking about expected trends, 2020 will be more about your personality than going after every trend. Trends may be famous, but they may or may not reflect your personality and preferences in the way that you would want your interior design to do. Hence, there are always some wishes left unfulfilled.


Your own preferences come before any design or trend that may look catchy. Before you select the design for your home, be very clear regarding what you want, have, love, need, feel good about and feel attached to. Only when you feel good about the design you select would you be able to reach out to the beauty it encompasses. Every design is beautiful, but the ability to understand and reflect upon that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Listen to your house, think about the design, and think about what you would feel good in. The design for your house should be a part of you. 2020 is going to see a lot of people following their personalities instead of just following trends.


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